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ICD-10 Q04.3 - Other reduction deformities of brain


ICD-10 Billable

Other reduction deformities of brain

Inclusion terms:
  • Absence of part of brain
  • Agenesis of part of brain
  • Agyria
  • Aplasia of part of brain
  • Hydranencephaly
  • Hypoplasia of part of brain
  • Lissencephaly
  • Microgyria
  • Pachygyria
Specifically for this code:
  • congenital malformations of corpus callosum (Q04.0)
From Chapter 17:
  • inborn errors of metabolism (E70-E88)
From Chapter 17:
  • Codes from this chapter are not for use on maternal or fetal records


ICD-9 Billable

Congenital reduction deformities of brain

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