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ICD-10 F03.90 - Unspecified dementia without behavioral disturbance


ICD-10 Billable

Unspecified dementia without behavioral disturbance

Inclusion term: Dementia NOS
From Chapter 5:
  • disorders of psychological development
From Chapter 5:
  • symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified (R00-R99)
From Section F01-F09:
  • This block comprises a range of mental disorders grouped together on the basis of their having in common a demonstrable etiology in cerebral disease, brain injury, or other insult leading to cerebral dysfunction. The dysfunction may be primary, as in diseases, injuries, and insults that affect the brain directly and selectively; or secondary, as in systemic diseases and disorders that attack the brain only as one of the multiple organs or systems of the body that are involved.
This ICD-10 code translates to more than one ICD-9 code:


ICD-9 Billable

Senile dementia, uncomplicated


ICD-9 Billable

Presenile dementia, uncomplicated


ICD-9 Billable

Presenile dementia with delirium


ICD-9 Billable

Presenile dementia with depressive features


ICD-9 Billable

Senile dementia with depressive features


ICD-9 Billable

Other specified senile psychotic conditions


ICD-9 Billable

Unspecified senile psychotic condition


ICD-9 Billable

Dementia, unspecified, without behavioral disturbance