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Good things are in the works!

Hi everyone! We're excited to announce that we'll be working with medical billing software provider Lightning MD to improve the Lookup and provide helpful information to billers, coders, and healthcare professionals.

Why are we working with Lightning MD?

The Lightning MD founders are expert billers who created their own billing software out of frustration with the options available - when it comes to software for healthcare, these guys "get it." In our search for a medical billing software firm that could help us take the Code Lookup to the next level, Lightning MD emerged as the perfect partner.

What does this mean for the Code Lookup?

1. First, don't worry, it will remain free!

2. We'll be improving functionality based on expertise from Lightning MD as well as user feedback. .

3. We'll be adding helpful resources on billing, coding, and growing practices and billing companies.

Big thanks to Lightning MD

We can't thank the Lightning MD team enough for the help they've provided so far, and we're very excited to take the Lookup to the next level.

If you're looking to streamline your medical billing, check them out! Their software is thoroughly modern, their team is incredibly friendly, and they have an uncanny level of passion for medical billing!

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